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Hello there, I just jumped into the blogging world! 

I wanted to start by sharing with you the reasons why it means so much for me to begin writing the stories behind my images and toinvite YOU to be part of this journey.

Looking back upon my life  I see so many beautiful memories, which are the best pictures I never took!

That feeling of a tender kiss goodnight from my parents, the sensation of pure love that washed over me after giving birth,  all of the wonder and happiness I experience when traveling to a new place; these are the memories in my heart which are impossible for my camera to capture.

I began taking pictures in an effort to channel my desire to capture those fuzzy feelings and important moments in my life.

The creative part of me challenged me to do more and I immediately felt in love of the concept of creating art by capturing tiny moments of perfection.

I have been blessed to capture pictures of amazing people and places and my goal is to tell you the story behind some of those pictures.

Besides posting pictures of amazing people and places, I want to give you glimpses into my real life behind the camera. From now, I will start posting more photos that are more personal.I felt pressure to post only professional photos since I’m a photographer, but I realized there is so much more to blogging than that. It’s not just about a pretty picture. It’s also about the intention behind the photo that can lead to making someone’s day a bit better.

Some things that inspire me are: my family, love, nature, being active, travel, entrepreneurs, healthy food, helping others and The Little Prince.


Thank you so much for reading and following me. 

I want to know what inspires YOU! Write it in the comment box below. In turn, you’ll inspire me with what to post.

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